Written For | Wine Regions
Written By | Dylan Wells

For ‘Wine Regions’, we curated a vibrant guide to Yarra Valley’s top lunch spots. Highlighting the unique essence of each winery, from Levantine Hill to Yering Station, we integrated evocative, optimised copy with user reviews and imagery. Our narrative championed local support while showcasing the region’s gourmet experiences, demonstrating our expertise in capturing the allure of locale and taste.

The Brief

The purpose of this blog is to inform readers of the best Yarra Valley wineries to visit for lunch. The goal was to create an engaging, digestible and useful guide that not only ranks well but also entertains readers.

The Strategy

Our aim was to rank position one for the keyword ‘Yarra Valley wineries for lunch’ and relevant secondary keywords. To begin, we conducted comprehensive contextual and competitor research. We then used best practices to optimise the article’s copy, backlinks and technical elements.