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Our Team

Our highly skilled and experienced team members are the soul of House Of Psalm. We invest in our people and put their well-being and happiness first. We're dedicated to fostering a welcoming, supportive and inclusive culture where our staff feel truly valued. We're only as good as our people, and our people are pretty wonderful.

Our Super Power

At House Of Psalm, we’re committed to doing things differently. We’re rejecting the typical agency culture that follows a churn-and-burn model and ignores frequent staff turnover.


Our highly skilled and experienced team members are the soul of House Of Psalm. We invest in our people and put their well-being and happiness first. We’re dedicated to fostering a welcoming, supportive and inclusive culture where our staff feel truly valued.

We’re only as good as our people, and our people are pretty wonderful.

“Working at House of Psalm is a joy. The work itself is creative, exciting and dynamic, and the team camaraderie is truly special.”

Zoe TilleyContent Editor

“My journey with House of Psalm has been abundant in learning, growth and getting to know some fabulous SEO Experts. It's an honour to work with such high-calibre clients, looped into the big decisions made that ultimately help mould the direction of e-commerce and organic search in Australia.”

Dylan WellsAccount Manager

“My time at House of Psalm has been a beautiful journey, filled with a culture of greatness and people who inspire me daily. Here, creativity and transparency aren't just buzzwords; these values are woven into our fabric, fostering respect and fairness that makes everyone feel at home.”

Kris CanimoHead of SEO
Team & Careers
CEO, Founder

Jacob King Stanley

Jacob, an SEO dynamo, has come leaps and bounds from his humble Tasmanian beginnings, going on to earn the title of Semrush’s 2020 Young Search Professional. His leadership, deeply rooted in people-centric values, has fostered a vibrant agency culture and impactful charity programs.

Collaborating with industry giants like David Jones and Daniel’s Health, Jacob fuses creativity with experience. His innovative strategies and commitment to the community consistently raise the bar in organic search, setting a gold standard in the industry.

Team & Careers
Operations Manager

Tara King Stanley

Tara, a dynamic leader with a strong retail background and a degree in Creative Direction & Styling from the Whitehouse of Design, spearheads efficiency and productivity at House of Psalm SEO Agency. 

Harnessing her design expertise, she drives standout visual projects that elevate us in a competitive market. Her steadfast dedication and visionary approach secure our high-quality stance and power our growth.

Team & Careers
Head of SEO

Kris Canimo

Kris, our Head Of Search, is the beating heart of House Of Psalm. As our resident SEO guru, he keeps each of our dynamic departments on track.

Kris keeps his finger on the pulse of industry trends and internal programs, ensuring our strategies are consistently driving real results. 

Boasting a significant 12 years of experience managing portfolios worth more than $1 million in MMR, Kris is an invaluable source of knowledge and expertise.

Team & Careers
Account Manager

Dylan Wells

Dylan excels at building strong client relationships, backed by his experience as a former Content Manager. His ability to simplify SEO has made him a trusted ally for clients.

Balancing various tasks and strategies, Dylan drives client ROI and stays ahead with his creative problem-solving. His charismatic persona combined with his unique expertise make him an indispensable asset to the team.

Team & Careers
Content Editor

Zoe Tilley

Zoe, the quality gatekeeper for all content, ensures adherence to our strict standards while encapsulating unique brand voices. She seamlessly combines engaging storytelling with strategic keyword placement, creating SEO-resonating content.

Zoe’s discerning editorial eye guarantees each piece we publish authentically represents the brand ethos, highlighting our commitment to excellence across all content channels.

Team & Careers
Content Writer

Emily Ferguson

Emily, a talented wordsmith, wields her extensive expertise to orchestrate captivating content while creatively integrating important keywords.

She curates compelling stories that resonate with both human readers and search engine algorithms. She embodies each client’s tone of voice with ease, ensuring each word aligns seamlessly with the business ethos.

Team & Careers

Ariel Lim

Ariel, House Of Psalm’s senior full-stack web developer, is the driving force behind our technical and web development endeavours. With over 15 years of experience under his belt, Ariel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.  

Ariel seamlessly collaborates with client developers and our in-house team to implement SEO recommendations, allowing his extensive experience in multiple programming languages and frameworks to guide the way.

Team & Careers
Outreach Specialist

Pia Malabanan

Pia leverages the power of digital PR to establish and bolster the online presence of our clients. As our expert Outreach specialist, Pia develops digital marketing strategies and liaises with webmasters and media outlets for potential collaborations.

Pia utilises her extensive outreach experience and collaborative approach to foster relationships with the most relevant and aspirational publications. She ensures our clients remain relevant and have a robust digital footprint, leading to more traffic and conversions.

Team & Careers
SEO Specialist

Joseph Enmanuel

Joseph ‘Tep’ Enmanuel is House Of Psalm’s esteemed SEO specialist, renowned for his team-centric approach and remarkable ability to foster an environment where collaboration thrives. 

Tep covers all bases, from publishing and technical checks to indexing and fixes. Understanding that collective efforts lead to success, Tep actively engages with his peers to drive group achievements. His inquisitive nature and comprehensive SEO knowledge have seen Tep become the team’s go-to for SEO education and resources.

Team & Careers
Outreach Specialist

Michael Tayco

Michael is one of House Of Psalm’s digital PR magicians. Since 2015, he has worked on perfecting his digital PR approach and deployed his expertise to propel clients further up the SERP. 

He crafts intricate networks of web connections, skyrocketing clients’ rankings by acquiring relevant, high-quality backlinks. Behind his calm demeanor, Michael’s expertise in link-building speaks volumes.

Ditch the typical, the future of search awaits.