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Unveil the power of strategic SEO with House of Psalm—crafting tailored game plans that drive your website to the top of search rankings, fueling business growth.

What Is SEO Strategy?

SEO strategy is the comprehensive approach taken to optimise your website to improve visibility, rankings, traffic and conversions. 

Every SEO strategy we formulate uses a series of techniques, tactics and best practises that help to enhance website relevance and authority in the eyes of search engines.

While all of our SEO strategies are based on these principles, they are all entirely unique and tailored specifically to the client. Our SEO strategies are guided by your unique goals, target audience, business objectives and industry landscape. 

Effective SEO strategies will include keyword research, technical SEO, content development, link building, monitoring, and reporting.

We’ve curated a team of people who are masters of these fields. When we bring each of these departments together, SERP-shattering strategies are born.

Why Do We Need SEO Strategy?

Strategy is what truly sets the stage for SEO. Consider it like a blueprint for a towering skyscraper; without it, even the strongest materials could falter.

A precise and focused SEO strategy ensures that every effort, every action taken, aligns with a singular vision: to position your website at the forefront of search engine results.

An effective strategy dives deep, scrutinising the ever-evolving algorithms of search engines to stay one step ahead.

It dissects the behaviours and preferences of your target audience, ensuring that your content resonates and engages.

How Does House Of Psalm Do SEO Strategy?

Our approach to strategy stands out in a sea of technicalities and complexities.

We pride ourselves on crafting visually appealing reports that are not only easy on the eyes but also easy to comprehend.

Gone are the days of sifting through pages filled with numbers and dense SEO jargon that might seem alien to many. Instead, we demystify our strategy for each department, enabling our clients to clearly understand the milestones and deliverables set for them.

But don’t mistake simplicity for superficiality. While our reports are designed to be accessible, they don’t skim on the details. Our strategies are robust, averaging around 55 pages in length.

They encompass everything: from understanding the current ‘lay of the land’, diving deep into organic competition research, analysing market trends, establishing SEO foundations, addressing the technical facets, zooming into local SEO, crafting compelling content, building quality links, and setting clear milestones.

We cap it all off with actionable next steps, ensuring a comprehensive and strategic roadmap for success. This is strategy, the House of Psalm way: detailed, creative, and always client-centric.

What Services Does SEO Strategy Include?

E-commerce SEO Strategy

We optimise e-commerce websites by improving product pages, category structures, and navigation, aiming for improved visibility and increased conversions. Our strategies are specifically tailored to address the unique challenges of e-commerce SEO.

Shopify SEO Strategy

With our Shopify SEO Strategy, we optimise your Shopify website to maximise your visibility and conversion rates. We utilise Shopify’s SEO features, customise metadata, enhance site speed, and employ best SEO practices.

Wordpress SEO Strategy

Our WordPress SEO Strategy is designed to increase visibility and performance. It includes keyword optimisation, content creation, link building, and technical SEO, all within the WordPress ecosystem, aiming to increase organic traffic and support your business’s growth online.

Custom Website SEO Strategy

We provide a tailored SEO strategy for custom-built websites, aiming to maximise visibility, rankings, and organic traffic. Our team conducts comprehensive analyses, implements custom optimisations, and continually monitors and adjusts your SEO strategy for optimal results.

EEAT & YMYL Optimisation Strategy

We offer specific optimisation strategies for websites that fall under the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) category and those that rely heavily on strong EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) signals to succeed, adhering to industry guidelines and demonstrating credibility to improve visibility and search engine rankings.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Through our SEO Competitor Analysis, we identify your competitors’ SEO strategies and develop effective strategies to outperform them, improving your search engine rankings and gaining a competitive edge.

Longtail Keyword Research

We identify industry-specific longtail keywords for your target audience. These targeted keywords drive highly relevant traffic to your website, improving conversion rates and enhancing overall SEO performance.

Market Trend Analysis

We perform a thorough market trend analysis to identify emerging patterns, shifts in consumer behaviour, and industry opportunities, helping you tailor your SEO strategies, gain a competitive advantage, and drive business growth.

Data Collection

We collect valuable insights about your target audience, market trends, and user behaviour through surveys, interviews, and analytics tools, informing your decision-making process and optimising your SEO strategies.

UX Testing

We evaluate the user experience of your website or application through thorough usability tests, identifying pain points and providing actionable insights to improve navigation, interactions, and overall user satisfaction.

UX Research

Our UX research service focuses on understanding user needs, preferences, and behaviours through interviews, surveys, and usability tests, informing the design and development of user-centric interfaces.

Data-driven Keyword Research

We use analytics tools and data to identify high-potential keywords, focusing on high search volumes and low competition. This approach optimises your website’s visibility in search engine rankings.

SEO Consulting

Our SEO consultants provide expert guidance and advice to help you develop and execute effective SEO strategies, analyse your current SEO efforts, provide actionable recommendations, and work closely with you to achieve your business objectives.

Strategic Creative Workshop

Our SEO consultants provide expert guidance and advice to help you develop and execute effective SEO strategies, analyse your current SEO efforts, provide actionable recommendations, and work closely with you to achieve your business objectives.

Generative AI Optimisation

We utilise generative AI technologies to optimise your content creation process. Using AI-powered tools, we generate data-driven insights, improve keyword targeting, enhance content quality, and streamline your SEO efforts.

Keyword Trend Analysis

We analyse keyword trends and search volume patterns to identify high-potential keywords for your SEO strategy, optimising your content to align with user search behaviours and capture valuable organic traffic.

Local SEO Audit

Our Local SEO Audit examines your business’s online visibility in local search results. We’ll identify areas for improvement and provide tailored recommendations to enhance your local online presence, making your business more accessible to local customers.

Keyword Mapping

We organise and structure your target keywords to specific pages on your website, ensuring that search engines and users can easily find and navigate to the most relevant information, improving your website’s visibility and SEO performance.

Ditch the typical, the future of search awaits.