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Our Monster

It’s easy to do our job badly. All too often, we see short-changed relationships, cookie-cutter solutions, condescending interactions and strategies devoid of innovation.

Sadly, this malpractice has become commonplace. We’re helping our clients boycott the bad stuff that’s out there.

We’re here to double down on integrity, imagination and innovation, and that’s what makes us different.

Our Offer

We’re not here to replace your marketing strategy; we’re here to take it to new heights.

We’re taking the guesswork out of digital marketing and bringing data to the table. We infuse creativity and unbridled innovation into every step of the process.

We’re replacing black box communication holes with transparency and warmth. We do digital with a human touch.

Our Mission

At House Of Psalm, we’re here to set a new standard for our industry. In our landscape, details matter. We sweat them, live them and breathe them.

So, you can stop swimming in backlinks and get back to crushing your goals. It’s time to choose partners who are brimming with imagination and have your back.

We’re here to put integrity into the agency model. We’re here to lead with soul.


Our Focus Industries

From organic food to fashion and everything in between, we’ve executed exceptional search campaigns across a range of industries. We take the time to learn our client’s business, each and every time.

We don’t play favourites, but over time, we’ve sharpened our focus and identified six key specialty areas.

Fashion, Beauty, Health, Wellness, Home, & Lifestyle.

The Agile Approach

Through an Agile methodology, our creative wheels are always turning. We’ve honed our process to ensure it’s thorough, seamless, and adaptive.

Through fortnightly sprints and monthly meetings, we keep our team aligned and our strategies optimised to suit your business goals and evolving market trends.
This approach allows us to deliver value incrementally, adapt to your needs, and pivot in an ever-changing digital landscape.

More Flexibility

Our fortnightly sprint cycle planning and reviewing enhance our team’s ability to manage changing customer priorities smoothly and effectively.

Clearer Timelines

The predictability of work improves drastically with Agile. Everyone has more confidence in timelines, the overall direction of the project and what’s being implemented.

Better Quality

The improvement of quality is undeniable with an agile approach. There is constant visibility across each and every task, making it hard for anything to slip through the cracks. 

Faster Results

Due to the functional nature of Agile, our team spent less time chasing their tails and more time implementing the correct work. This results in our team achieving milestones sooner than expected. 


We’re a premier team making a mighty impact and setting the standard for what good search engine optimisation looks like.

How do we do this? It all comes down to our driven and committed team of creative specialists. We’re dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome.

We want happy staff who bring their whole selves to the job and work smarter, not harder. After all, our people are the true source of our edge.


What We Offer

We're here to stretch the bounds of what’s possible, and that means leaving no stone unturned. That's why we offer full-service organic search, which includes our five departments: Content, Digital PR,
SEO Development, Strategy and Education. We sit at the intersection of imagination and data. This is true whitespace.


We assign our best innovators to tailor strategic solutions to your SEO campaign. Our forward-planning approach will see even the most complex clients out of their SEO whirlpool.


High quality backlinks are essential to every successful SEO campaign. We reach out to high-authority publishers in your niche and get them to link back to the pages we’re targeting.


We write articles to rank for keywords with informational intent that are explicitly related to your industry. By writing these niche articles, we will help you build domain authority in your industry, resulting in more traffic from search engines.


Our Developers will fix any Technical SEO & Onsite issues that are stopping you from ranking on the first page. Throughout your campaign, we will build new landing pages that rank for transactional keywords. This is one of the key ways we grow your traffic month on month.


We have some of the best team leaders in the industry, ready to share their knowledge and level-up your internal teams. We conduct one-on-one or group training sessions to get your team organic search ready.


Our clients deserve to be shown how their investment in us is yielding success for their businesses. Without reporting, we'd be working in a vacuum. Our approach to reporting can be summed up in three words: frequent, transparent, and thorough.


Who We’ve Worked With

We’re committed to building relationships that can weather any storm. We set ourselves apart by creating true partnerships and caring deeply for the people we work with.

We use creativity, innovation and transparency to deliver personalised campaigns that drive success. We understand our clients and really listen to what’s keeping them up at night. We invest in our relationships for the long haul, keeping generosity and imagination at the heart of our offer.

As for our clients? We’re lucky enough to work with the best of the best. They love what they do and know their strengths. They’re all for taking risks and aren’t afraid to be bold to ensure they stay ahead. 

House of Psalm have been looking after my business' SEO needs for the past few years. I have found the team to be very knowledgeable and full of practical ideas on how to improve our online rankings. The tech team has also resolved some technical issues for us. Thank you for your support over the years! Highly recommend.

Roxy LehmannOwner, Dress For A Night

Jacob and the team at House of Psalm have a fantastic SEO agency. We have used their services for our nannying and babysitting agency for more than a year. In this short amount of time we have seen our searches, rankings and reviews significantly increase positively impacting and strengthening our business. Jacob has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to go the extra mile to help our business rank high on Google and have a competitive edge. Thank you Jacob and the team!

Brock KeithOwner, Flourish Babysitting

We've been with House Of Psalm for nearly 2 years, and have hit goals and new records nearly each and every month since then. They are the SEO team you need for your business.

David ValerieChief Marketing Officer

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