Written For | Bodyscience
Written By | Zoe Tilley

This BodyScience article delves into metabolism, highlighting the difference between basal and active metabolic rates. It explores how genetics, muscle mass, sleep, stress, and hormones influence metabolism. It also provides evidence-backed diet and exercise tips for metabolic optimisation, making it a valuable resource for those aiming for better metabolic health.

The Brief

This blog seeks to answer a common question: do sit-ups burn belly fat? It is intended to provide athletes, gym-goers and health-conscious individuals with science-backed evidence, as well as certified exercise tips for burning belly fat.

The Strategy

We aimed to rank position one for the keyword ‘do sit-ups burn belly fat’ and other related keywords. As this article branches into health and wellness advice, it was essential to conduct comprehensive research. This thorough research helped us come to a scientifically-backed conclusion that was factually accurate and trustworthy. We utilised best-practice techniques to optimise meta tags and on-page content for search engine success.