Written For | Straand
Written By | Zoe Tilley

This guide we’ve written for Straand covers the causes and treatments of burnt scalps from sun and bleaching. It clarifies the distinction between scalp burns and dandruff, provides DIY remedies, and emphasises prevention through SPF use and seeking professional hair treatments.

The Brief

This blog is designed to inform readers about the causes, dangers and remedies for scalp burns. It also strategically advocates for Straand’s innovative scalp products.

The Strategy

We aimed to rank position one for the keyword ‘how to heal a burnt scalp’ and other relevant keywords. We focused on ensuring the blog’s content was targeted to user search queries, strategically optimised and factually authoritative. The tone of voice was crucial to the piece. This is where we stand apart from our competitors; we utilise creative copywriting techniques to make complex scientific information palatable.